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Martec Limited

Specialty connectors and penetrators are designed to address extreme pressure and high temperature with wide material selection.
Jewell Inertial Sensor

Performance Controls, Inc.

ATEX-rated Servo Amplifier for continuous use in explosive environments. Customizable with expanded voltage or current ranges, alternative form factors, and OEM labeling. Used for motion control in power generation systems, fuel valve metering controls, and drilling automation.
Jewell Inertial Sensor

Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc.

Standard and Custom designs of Single and Multi-Passage rotary unions and swivels for demanding applications including coiled tubing, top-drives, casing running tools, cementing subs, and swivels for drilling mud and tracking.
DSTI Fluid Rotary Unions & Hose Reels

ELNOR Motors

Explosion-proof custom electric motors with ATEX, IECEx, Inmetro, and UL certifications built to be more compact and to fit NEMA size connections. Specialized in single phase products to drive your application.

TLX Technologies, LLC

Custom linear and rotary solenoids, solenoid valves, check and relief valves, and manifolds manufactured for demanding applications including customized configurations for high temperature, pressure, shock, and exotic fluids.
DSTI Swivels


Ex linear, multi & quarter-turn electrical actuators to match your valve torque and safety requirements.
Jewell Inertial Sensor


Electric servo actuators that marry industry-leading quality, accuracy, and reliability with best-in-class lifetime service.
Jewell Inertial Sensor


Smart Hydraulic Actuator (SHA) consists of an integrated motor-pump-actuator assembly which combines the best features of hydraulic power with the precision of servo control.
Jewell Inertial Sensor
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